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Let’s talk brands: Tropicalola

If you’ve stopped by Azure Spa at Pesona Resort you would have seen our selection of products for sale from local-based brands that cater to everything from healing dry skin to spraying away those pesky island mosquitos. We choose retail goods that boast all-natural and #organic ingredients because we want to provide the best products for YOU.

Tropicalola by Gracia Chandra is the most popular retail brand we carry at Azure Spa. This beauty business is based on Lombok, an island you can see from the front of Pesona Beach Resort & Spa. #Tropicalola makes bath and body products inspired by nature with fragrances that will make you feel as if you’re surrounded by the tropics. The current line includes Lombok Coconut, Mango Paradise, and Lemon and Lavender – all available in Azure Spa’s retail shop. We sell a variety of their beauty products including body lotions, facial cleansers, mosquito repellant, shower gels, body scrubs, and other skin care products. 

I purchased the Witch Hazel face and body spray for myself. Not knowing what Witch Hazel was, I discovered it helped with sunburn, acne and keeping the face feeling fresh throughout the day. Tropicalola makes their Witch Hazel mist with a small amount of rose oil, which I know is a product that is well-known for keeping the skin dewey and glowing.

After using their product for two weeks, I noticed a difference in the way my skin felt and looked. I still have a few pimples here and there, but overall my face looked a lot smoother than it had before I used their product. I can't wait to see what happens with a few more weeks of use!

If you don’t feel confident in buying these products just yet, we have display testers at Azure’s front desk. Everyone who tries it says it the lotion smells great and feels like butter on their skin! Tropicalola is always teasing at the release of new products so be sure to follow us as we post all of the new items as they come in.

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