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Explore our treatments: Top to Toe Spa Package

When going to a spa, it’s rare that one would have the time and the money to spend on a full body treatment. Usually a visit to the spa means a quick manicure and pedicure or a relaxing massage after a long day. The Top to Toe treatment is an affordable option for anyone who needs a full body treatment in a short amount of time, and it all starts with a cold ginger tea while you wait.

The first step of the Top to Toe treatment is the hair mask. An Azure Spa therapist, who will be with you through out your entire treatment, brings you to the shampoo station where she begins to shampoo and condition your hair. For this treatment, L’Oreal deep nourishing shampoo is lathered into your hair while you receive a scalp massage. Then L’Oreal deep nourishing conditioner is used and again you are given another scalp massage.

When your hair is fresh and clean, you are taken to a comfortable treatment chair where your spa therapist begins to coat your hair with a Makarizo Repair Treatment hair mask. The mask works to nourish and protect extremely dry hair and preserves your hairs strength and softness. A warm towel is placed around your hair while your hair mask sets for 15 minutes. Your spa therapist will then begin to massage your neck and shoulders with warm oil. It’s much more relaxing when you close your eyes and feel the breeze from the garden and fans above you. The hair mask takes approximately 30-45 minutes.

The next step is your spa pedicure. For nail treatments, Azure uses only OPI products to make sure you get the best quality color. Azure’s spa pedicure is an upgrade from Azure’s express pedicure. Azure’s spa pedicure is an extended treatment that includes a lavender-citrus scrub, foot mask and moisturizer as well as the benefits of the express pedicure.

The final step of the Top to Toe treatment is the rejuvenating facial treatment. After your pedicure, you are brought to the massage room where you relax on a bed surrounded by a closed curtain. Your therapist will then begin the facial regimen of moisturizers and scrubs using Martha Tilaar Biokos products including an exfoliating lotion, a deep cleansing gel mask and a revival peeling mask. While your mask is drying, your spa therapist leaves to let you relax in peace. The background music is soft and serene, and can even put you to sleep while you wait. Once the mask has dried, it is slowly peeled off and your face feels brand new.

The Top to Toe treatment is recommended for someone who wants a treatment for every part of you - hair, body, nails, face. It leaves you with a fresh face, soft hair, clean nails, and a relaxed body.

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