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Explore our treatments: After Sun Full Body Massage

The After Sun Full Body Massage is the perfect treatment for anyone who has spent time in the sun and doesn’t want the effects of sunburn to ruin the rest of their holiday. Our spa therapists use our natural and organic Aloe Vera during your treatment – nothing else. 

Aloe Vera is the number one ingredient you need to soothe rash and skin irritations. It does much more than heal sunburns. It treats burns, heals cold sores, moisturizes the hair and scalp, boosts the immune system and helps with digestion. Along with a massage, you’re sure to look and feel different after this treatment.

Your treatment starts with a cold cup of ginger tea in the waiting area before one of our spa therapists brings you a sarong to change into. After you change, you’re brought into our air-conditioned massage room where you are secluded from the rest of the world while listening to our peaceful soundtrack in the background. The cool Aloe Vera feels amazing against hot skin while our spa therapists are gentle in the soft spots but give a nice rough touch when you need it. Immediately as your sunburn is lathered with Aloe Vera, you feel a cooling sensation that relaxes your entire body to make your treatment more enjoyable.

This massage is similar to our Azure Signature Massage. Our spa therapist applies soft pressure for 30 minutes on your back for the shorter treatment. For the hour long treatment, it is a full body massage with the exception of the face. If you request for your face to have Aloe Vera, they will give a brief massage to the sunburnt spots of your face. It’s perfect way to end your vacation here on Gili Trawangan.

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